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Welcome to our website.

You will find details of our different products: trays, baskets, cases, boxes, objects, .. with photos, dimensions, packaging information (no. of items per package), and about our promotional offers....

I am looking for a product

To make searching easier, each article is classified

  • by Family, Size, Material, Shape (thorough search)
  • by Reference, or by Name (quick search)

I wish to download the complete catalogue

Once your professional account has been set up, you will be able to download the general catalogue, in .pdf format, in the 'Download catalogues' section in the general menu.

I wish to open a professional account

To open your account, you will need to send us your contact details.
Once we have received them, we will send you an email with an access code.
You can use this to gain access to all the site's functions (downloading catalogues, help with placing orders, price lists, etc.),

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Once your account has been set up, you can receive help with placing orders.

With a simple click of the mouse, you will be able to fill your shopping trolley with the products you have selected.
The trolley is displayed on the left of the screen, and remains visible throughout your visit.
To ensure you benefit from the most attractive prices, the default quantity proposed is that of a complete pack. If you wish to change it, simply enter the required quantity in the trolley and click on the icon rafraichir in order to confirm the change.

Once your trolley is full, click on 'CONFIRM'.

We will examine your order, check the individual items, and send you a confirmation within two working days.

I need more information

You can ask us questions via the page contact us, or by telephone on 33(0)3 20 87 50 30. We will listen carefully.

Thanks: we look forward to hearing from you,

The sales team